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TRUCK’s address is 2009 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB. 

We are at the south-most end of 10 Ave SW, located immediately before the Bow Trail overpass.

  • The Bows’ billboard gallery (at the north end of our building) 
  • Mural on south end of our building (ᐯᔭᐦᑎᐠ Peyahtik by SJ Okemow)
  • Central Bark Doggy Daycare  (across the street)
  • Intersection of 10 Ave SW and 19 Street SW

View of front of gallery from 10 Ave SW (approaching downtown)
View of the gallery from 10 Ave SW (leaving downtown)
Intersection of 10 Ave SW and 19 St SW. Turn onto 19 St SW from either direction to access our parkling lot.
Intersection of 10 Ave SW and 19 St SW 
Parkling lot entrance from 19 St SW 
South mural: ᐯᔭᐦᑎᐠ Peyahtik by SJ Okemow
Image courtesy of Pink Flamingo YYC


C-TRAIN: Sunalta (Blue Line) is a ~15 minute walk from TRUCK.

BUS STOPS: WB 10 Av SW @ 19 St SW (#90 Bus) is across the street.

More information on planning your transit trip can be found at Calgary Transit.


The bike path on 19 St SW passes directly by TRUCK’s building (please see the red pathway outlined on the Sunalta Parking map).

There are currently no bike racks located on TRUCK’s block. 


Turn onto 19 St SW from either direction and take an immediate right into the alley/parking lot. We are one unit over from the far end of the building, between Quickdraw Animation Society and West Village Theatre.


Our parking lot is only  accessible from 19 St SW. 

There are a few parking spots available directly behind the gallery in the alley, as well as around the back to the west end of the building. Free 2-hour street parking is also available on the surrounding residential streets.

Accessible parking spots are located in the parking lot just off 19th Street and 10 Ave, in front of The Bows, which is at the other end of the block from TRUCK.


Upon entering the building, a staff member will greet you. The staff member may point out the various exhibition spaces (Main Space, PARKADE, U-HALL), our Shop, as well as the location of the gender-neutral bathroom. The staff member will also ask if you’d like to learn more about TRUCK or our current programming before you enter the exhibition spaces, to which you may agree or decline (your experience at TRUCK is totally up to you!). 

If there are any sensory aspects to our current programming that may be of concern (flashing lights, sudden or loud noise, etc), it will be communicated to you before you enter the space. 

Should you have any questions or concerns during your visit, a member of staff will be available to assist you in the office at the front of the gallery. TRUCK staff warmly welcome conversation around our programming and exhibitions; however, there is no expectation to chat with us while you are here. 

If you wish to purchase something from the Shop, you may take the item off the shelf and bring it to the office where a staff member will take your payment (we can take cash, credit, and debit). If the item is display-only, let the staff member know what you’re looking for and they will grab it from our stock. 

Please let us know if there are any other ways we can provide assistance during your visit. If you would like to make a request before you arrive (for example, to let us know that you’d prefer to enter the gallery through the back door because you use a wheelchair), please email ahead of time.


The following information is informed by the Ontario BIA Association’s “Accessible Building Checklist”. 

Please note that it is a work-in-progress, and will be updated as we make changes to our space in order to improve accessibility.


Are there accessible parking spaces at/near your location?

Yes. Accessible spots are marked with the International Symbol of Accessibility, and are located in the parking lot just off 19th Street and 10 Ave, in front of The Bows, which is at the other end of the block from TRUCK.

Is there an accessible space to accommodate vehicles equipped with a mechanical lift or a wheelchair ramp?
Yes/No. The accessible space cannot accommodate vehicles with mechanical lift/wheelchair ramp under winter conditions and snow build-up. In these cases, please call ahead and we will make space behind the loading bay/rear entrance. 

Is there a curb ramp from the parking onto the sidewalk?
Accessible parking spots are levelled with the sidewalk.

Is the route to the building entrance stable, firm, and slip-resistant?
Yes and no. The route to the front entrance is cleared of hazards. However, the back entrance poses a slip hazard in the winter due to snow build-up.

Is the route at least 36 inches wide?

Do you use salt outside your building when there is ice?


Is the main entrance easily seen?
Yes. An LED “open” sign in the front window is turned on, and a yellow sandwich board with TRUCK’s logo is placed outside, when the gallery is open to the public. 

Is the entrance well-lit at night?
No, we do not have exterior lights. Most public offerings are held between 1PM-6PM with some exceptions. 

Is the main entrance accessible?
No. The main/front entrance (10th Ave) includes double-doors with limited space between them, and therefore, is not accessible to those using wheelchairs or other mobility devices. Staff will assist folks with the front doors when needed. 

If the main entrance is not accessible by one step, is there a ramp?
All entrances are levelled. 


If the main entrance is not accessible, is there an alternative accessible entrance?
Yes, the back entrance is accessible to those using wheelchair or scooter.

Can the alternative accessible entrance be used independently and during the same hours as the main entrance?
Yes, the back door entrance is accessible during gallery hours. Please ring the doorbell (just above the door handle) to be let in, or email ahead of time to coordinate your visit.

Do entrances have an automatic door opener?

If there are two doors in a series, e.g., vestibule, is the distance between the doors at least 48 inches plus the width of the doors when swinging into the space?
No. The vestibule from the main entrance to the gallery entrance on 10th Ave is a small, enclosed space. We recommend using the back accessible entrance instead.

Are entrances well-lit?

Can doors be opened without too much force (5 lbs maximum for interior doors)?

On the pull side of doors, next to the handle, is there at least 18 inches of clear wall space so that a person using a wheelchair or crutches can get near to the open door?
No - front door. Yes - back door. 

Are door handles 48 inches high or less and operable with a closed fist?


Is the reception desk/check-out counter in clear view of the entrance door?

Is the space colour contrasted?
Yes, doors and door frames, stairs and handrails, and furniture contrasts with surrounding walls and floors. 

Are aisles and pathways to goods and services at least 36 inches wide?
Yes, circulation paths are 36 inches wide and no protruding objects that might limit or block pathways. 

Is there a 5-foot circle or T-shaped space for turning a wheelchair completely?

Can chairs at tables move?
No, the benches in the gallery space are stationary. We also have folding chairs and stools available for use, though none with wheels.

Do you have sufficient lighting to ensure colours, patterns, and significance are all identifiable?

Are popular items at an easy to reach height on shelves?
Yes, we have low-height bookshelves in our small retail space.

Do you have background music? Is it low enough in volume so that customers can hear conversations clearly?
No, we generally do not have background music. Some exhibitions may include audio components, which are up to the discretion of the artist. Visitors will be made aware of any additional stimulus that they may be exposed to before entering exhibition spaces.


Do washroom doors have Braille lettering?
Yes, the signage on the main floor washroom door includes braille lettering and raised letters/symbols. 

Are washrooms equipped with an automatic or push-button opener?

Does the toilet stall door swing outwards?
No, both washroom doors swing inwards.

Is there a grab bar beside the toilet?
Yes, in the main floor washroom.
The upstairs washroom does not have a grab bar.

Are washrooms large enough to accommodate people who use scooters and power wheelchairs?
Yes, the main floor washroom is.

Is there at least 810mm of clear floor space beside the toilet for a lateral transfer?
Yes, in the main floor washroom.

Can someone using a wheelchair or a scooter reach the faucets and turn the water on using one hand?
Yes, in the main floor washroom.

Are washroom accessories and dispenser within easy reach of a person using a wheelchair or scooter? Are the dispensers automatic or easy to ease?

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