TRUCK Contemporary Art

December 2 - 3, 2016


JINGLE & MINGLE // TRUCK's Annual Holiday Market
2009 10th Ave, SW, Calgary, T3K 0C4

Dates: Friday December 2, 2016 5PM - 9PM and Saturday December 3, 2016 10AM - 5PM

Ho-ho-hold on to your toques because TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary’s Annual Holiday Market is back! Bring your festive self over to 2009 10th Ave SW on Friday, December 2nd from 5PM to 9PM and Saturday, December 3rd from 10AM to 5PM, and support Calgary’s arts communities and largest artist-run centre! 

Skip the lines and headaches that usually come with holiday shopping and spend your time with us, enjoying a fun and friendly atmosphere, no hustle and bustle, just jingle and mingle. You’ll have no trouble finding your loved ones gifts while surrounded by one of a kind products made by some of Calgary’s most talented artists, designers, and artisans. 

While you’re here enjoy tasty treats provided by the very lovely folks at Caffè Beano and Sidewalk Citizen Bakery

& welcome the return of the TRUCK Photo Booth! Get your photo taken in a super sweet & psychedelic installation environment designed by Calgary-based artist Sasha Foster

Sasha Foster // is a Calgary based multidisciplinary artist who focuses predominately on large-scale immersive installations. Through use of colour, light, texture and form, she transforms a given space into a magical escape from reality. 

Admission $5

Proceeds from JINGLE & MINGLE support year-round contemporary art programming at Truck Gallery ♥

Artist Vendors:

Kiarra Albina & Stacey Watson / Ann Thrale & Yvonne Mullock / Kelsey Fraser / Jade Nasogaluak Carpenter / TechArt / Kens way woodcrafts / Lam Jam / ink smashed artists / Phillip Ty-Le Ha / Renee Wehring / AVALANCHE! ICA / Connective Threads / Alberta Printmakers / Lowell Smith / Tom Brown / John Gerrard & Clinton St. John / Marlee Watts / Laura McManus / Lane Shordee / Serena Wells

About the Vendors:

Phillip Ty-Le Ha // makes handmade crochet amigurumi inspired by animals and creatures from the real world and video games.

Jade Nasogaluak Carpenter's // art uses humour as a coping mechanism.  She also uses art as a proxy to subtly address diaspora, but to more openly address mental illness. She makes art because it allows her to express her feelings about being sad, experiencing social anxiety, and being uncomfortable most of the time. Jade Nasogaluak Carpenter makes art because she likes to know that she’s not alone. She wants you to laugh, but also wants you to be concerned.

Kens way woodcrafts // Lorna Roselle // hand carves diamond willow walking sticks, fire pokers, brooms, wooden toys, and games.

Connective Threads // is a collaboration between artists Jennifer Crighton and Kasia Gallant. All the items they create feature original patterned fabric and design. All products are made from start to finish in their Calgary studios, including dying, printing, sewing, and embroidery. You can see more of their work a

Renee Wehring // is an interdisciplinary artist using media such as drawing, painting, and fibre. Her interests in nature, organisms, and marks inform her non-representational work, which investigates swarms, patterns, migration, and her own biorhythm. Renee is an eclectic artist who also works representationally. She enjoys working with the human figure as she has many interests in fitness, kinetics, movement, and the muscular/skeletal systems. Renee's work is primarily process based and puts an important emphasis on movement and the physicality of leaving a mark. Renee graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in drawing, from the Alberta College of Arts + Design in 2011.

AVALANCHE! ICA // Established in 2012, AVALANCHE! ICA is a free-form arts organization dedicated to the production and dissemination of artwork, multiples, and publications created by emerging contemporary Canadian artists. Formerly operating a gallery, shop, and studio space, the current iteration of AVALANCHE! includes an online shop at, in addition to intermittently programmed special projects.

Brown Wands // is a project by artist Tom Brown, incorporating detailed craftsmanship with an eye for wonder. Made from local collected wood, every wand features a crystal, embedded in the centre by the unique design. Each wand comes with a handmade bag. Tom Brown's work is characterized by a meticulously detailed high volume of labour (of love). More of his work can be seen at

Richard Lam's Lam Jam // Using seasonal farmer's market ingredients, Richard's delectable Lam Jam focuses on bringing out the natural flavour of the fresh fruits and herbs used, rather than dousing them in overt sweetness. Each Lam Jam consists of only a handful of the best core ingredients, half the sugar, and no extra additives. Best used on toast, with cheese, or to accompany meats or salads. Select pairings include: Pear Ginger, Sweet and Spicy Red Pepper, and a limited edition Holiday Apple Butter

Marlee Watts // Watts has been making a variety of handmade jewellery and wearable art, specializing in metal work and wire wrapping for almost 9 years. She graduated from The Alberta College of Art + Design with a BFA specializing in Jewellery + Metals in 2013. After graduation she moved to Montreal, believing she could turn her passion into her career. She now travels between Calgary and Montreal where she sells to numerous shops and takes part in local craft sales in both cities. Her collections showcase a variety of techniques and materials. Her work is inspired by two very different cities, the frequent changes in her surroundings and the resources available at the time. She is always teaching herself new approaches and exploring new materials to keep herself inspired. 

Yvonne Mullock & Ann Thrale // will be showcasing a range a lovely handmade things. Yvonne’s leather items include coin purses and card holders made from vintage snaps and Italian calf skin.

Ann will be selling her handcrafted games and chopping boards. Made from local and exotic woods, these will make beautiful gifts you might never want to give away! 

Ink Smashed Artists // is an illustrative group consisting of three Calgary born ACAD graduates. We construct handcrafted zines, artist books and prints of our collaborative drawings by hand and using a local print shop. Our work as a collective is unique in the sense that it could not be created by one-person individuality. It is the effort of three creative minds homogenizing ideas to create a cohesive vision. You can see more of their work at

Alberta Printmakers // is a non-profit, artist-run centre founded in 1989 in Calgary, Alberta. The organization's goals are to increase public awareness of print media, to encourage a diverse audience, to provide resorces for the artistic community and production facilities for printmaking. 

TechArt // Based in Calgary, Alberta, Craftsman Riley Miljan brings TechArt Custom Creations Ltd. to life. TechArt specializes in woodworking and small metal fabrication projects, while providing innovative, intelligent and affordable design solutions customized for each individual’s needs and budget. Our facility has woodworking and metalworking capabilities. Depending on your creation, your project could be pre-fabricated in our workshop, or on-site.

Serena Wells // of fakesweatshop has been making toys and wearable objects for near a decade. fakesweatshop values the beautiful world we live in. We believe in sustainability and provide ecological solutions to peoples' wants and needs by creating toys and clothes from recycled clothing, fabrics, vintage buttons and locally produced wool. fakesweatshop is dedicated to building strong communities and strong families, and are wholeheartedly devoted to wildly creative and entirely unique designs. Making items that respect the earth and celebrate not only the cute and cuddly, but the weird and wacky too.

Kelsey Fraser // is an artist and illustrator living and working in Calgary, Alberta. Kelsey will be selling printed & hand made greeting cards, and one of a kind painting collages.

Lane Shordee // is a scavenger artist based in Calgary, Alberta. Drawing from construction waste and items found by happenstance, he builds elegant sculptures and installations that both challenge and indulge our relationships with the things we throw away.

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